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What is an Image Consultant?

birdwebWhat is an Image Consultant? Well most people in the industry will tell you they are here to guide their clients in presenting their best self in physical appearances, behaviour and communication whether its one on one coaching or corporate. They want to empower their clients in all appearance of any social, personal and profession day-to-day life.

I also too believe this but think it’s so much more then just surface. To me image consulting is about finding ones authentic self and truly being comfortable in their own skin and environment.

I believe an image consultant is able to understand your journey and the evolution your style has transformed over the years and is able to guide you to your next stage with easy and excitement. It’s about trust, understanding, patience and transformation into your best self.

Your personality plays so much into your wardrobe and also the current stage of life you are in. Sometimes it’s difficult to have those two coexist together but your consultant should be able to work with you and find your signature look.

Whether you work with a certified image consultant only once to get on tract or yearly to continue building on, at some point everyone needs guidance, even a consultants.

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